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Statewide Stream Assessment

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources in conjunction with Clemson University initiated a comprehensive assessment of South Carolina’s wadeable streams in 2006 to determine the status of native fish assemblages and aquatic resources throughout the state. The assessment of nearly 500 streams was completed in 2011, with a collection of biological, chemical, physical, and corresponding landscape data necessary to support proactive conservation planning of South Carolina’s aquatic resources.

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Linking Streams to Landscapes

The quality of streams, aquatic habitats, and the aquatic fauna they contain reflect the landscape conditions of the catchments they drain. Therefore, proactive conservation of freshwater streams should include a system-led (i.e., catchment-based) approach that recognizes land and water resources as integrated parts of the same system.

We employed predictive statistical methods based on stream assessment data to understand how aquatic fauna vary across natural gradients (elevation, slope, drainage area, etc.), and to determine how human activities in the landscape affect the natural processes linking catchment landscapes and aquatic systems. Such models allow us to forecast aquatic resource conditions and stressors based on their status and severity across all South Carolina catchments.

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Conservation Planning Tool

We present a comprehensive Stream Conservation Planning Tool with two primary functionalities:

A web mapping application allows users to visualize predicted aquatic resource conditions based on their status and severity across all South Carolina wadeable stream catchments.

An interactive catchment management tool allows users to explore and forecast the impacts of customized land management scenarios on aquatic resource indicators at any user-specified location across South Carolina.

Users are encouraged to review our methods to better understand the information presented in this viewer.

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Project Partners

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Clemson University.